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What is Modern yoga? 

It's the hardest workout you'll ever fall in love with.

If compassion does not include yourself then it is incomplete quotes                                                                 ~ Lao Tzu


Your heart is pounding.....

Your face is a shade of red you haven't seen since your primary school cross country. Your hair is plastered to your face. You look at your yoga instructor in disbelief, mumbling under your breath "You cannot be serious. This is yoga?"

You barely remember your name, you've never sweated so much in your life, and the elderly gentleman to your left is making you look bad. He's kicking your butt and he's three times your age! (That would be John). Is that sweat or tears? And then it hits you ... you've found a new home.

Welcome to Modern Yoga Napier.

Sweat. Smile. Surprise yourself.